Seminar & Workshop
Date Description
08/11/2021 MARGADARSHAK KARYASHALA: Webinar on Scope & Career Opportunities in Emerging and Disruptive Technologies
09/07/2021 Webinar: ISHRAE Orientation program and Career Opportunities in HVAC & R Industry
05/09/2020 Webinar on “Computer aided styling for automotive designer”- 5th Sept 2020″
06/08/2020 Webinar on ” How to prepare and why to prepare for compatitive exam”
15/07/2020 Visit to ACREX 2019 Exhibition
09/07/2020 Scope and Career Opportunities in Emerging and disruptive technologies
09/07/2020 Design for People Webinar
09/07/2020 ISHARE Orientation Programme
15/05/2020 webinar on Entrepreneurship Post Covid19
23/09/2019 Announcement-Seminar & Workshop-28 Aug Big Data & Analytics –Hadoop
13/09/2019 Workshop on “Network Associate Program”
13/09/2019 Seminar on Opportunities in Electric Vehicle Technology
27/06/2019 Training Program on Quality Assurance and Accreditation Process
10/06/2019 A Seminar on Career Guidance & Admission Process
06/05/2019 MARGADARSHAK KARYASHALA: A Seminar on Career Guidance and Academic Process
02/04/2019 Workshop on Robotics. A.I. and 3d Printing
02/04/2019 Seminar & Workshop -Two days on AI
29/03/2019 SANWAD: Panel Discussion on Role of Educators in Guiding Technology Career Aspirants & Celebration of 125th Placement Campus Drive as SIGCE in AY 2018-19
16/03/2019 & 17/03/2019 Two days’ Workshop On Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning And Deep Learning
18/02/2019 Panel Discussion on Challenges and Opportunities in Higher Education & “Vidya Vibhushan Award” and “Shikshak Gaurav Award” ceremony