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India is regarded as the third-largest tech startup hotspot in the world, as per reports by NASSCOM and global management consultant, Zinnov. It is anticipated that the growth is expected to more than double by 2020 with about 11,000 new startups.
In this regard, Smt. Indira Gandhi College of Engineering (SIGCE) is making a world of difference by building a strong ecosystem for startups by training its students to take a lead in innovation and disruption at its newly-minted state-of-the-art campus at Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai. At SIGCE, one of the focus areas is to shape curriculums which will help train students to promote out-of-box thinking in product development and marketing. In fact, Sunil Jadhav, Managing Trustee of SIGCE, mentions that the vision of the engineering college is to be an incubation hub of Navi Mumbai and provide an ideal ecosystem for Startups. Promote and foster the spirit of entrepreneurship, and generally to carry out activities that facilitate knowledge creation, innovation and entrepreneurship activities.

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Eco-system

SONIC is SIGCE’s Organization for ENtrepreneurship, Innovation and Startup InCubation. As part of this initiative. SIGCE in collaboration with Lemon Ideas, is committed to provide entire ecosystem for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Start-Up incubation.

Our Ecosystem Consists of following features

  • Pre-incubate, incubate and virtually incubate early stage entrepreneurial technology based ventures.
  • Identify technologies/innovations which have potential for commercial ventures.
  • Mentorship with defined pedagogy with industry experts to facilitate
    – Concept Formation/Refinement.
    – Start-up mentorship.
    – Identifying scope for Innovation.
    – Appropriate Business Modelling.
    – Support the Business Planning activity.
    – Strategic Direction.
  • Networking
    – Networking with professional resources, including mentors, experts, investors, industry professionals, consultants and advisors.
    – Support from other ventures, entrepreneurs
    – Support in reach-out in new geography based on our existing network and associates.
  • Physical infrastructure and support systems necessary for business incubation activities like
    – Fully furnished office and co-working space
    – Private and open workstations
    – Meeting and conference rooms
    – Video Conferencing
    – High Speed Internet
    – Various SIGCE Labs – Electronics, Computer, Mechanical,
    – Bio Technology and Agriculture Land for on-field trials
    – Access to academic resources – Scientists, Journals, Publication etc
  • Allied Services support
    – Support in team hiring
    – Legal
    – HR support
    – Company Incorporation and IP
    – Digital Marketing Support
    – Domain Specific Support (Ex: Agriculture, Education etc)
  • Investor Connection
    – Preparation for Fund raising / Funding Facilitation
    – Facilitate participation in innovation competition
    – Pilot run planning / Trial / Validation
Our Team
  • Sunil Jadhav (Managing Trustee of SIGCE)
  • Dr. Sunil Chavan (Principal)
  • Prof. Gaikwad (Dean EDC)
Our Mentors

Deepak Menaria

Mr. Menaria chairs the Experiential Learning faculty at Lemon School of Entrepreneurship. He is a passionate Creator, Executor and brings along multiple creations including Software Company, Social organization, Various Initiatives, organizations, programs, movies and process models. He is founder and chief Idea farmer at LEMON Ideas. His rich experience includes Managing Talent and People functions in IT industry. Before founding Lemon ideas, he co-founded ONE Foundation and Lambent Technologies (Now GlobalLogic) He learned Creativity & Innovation from IIM Ahmedabad.

Mukesh Ashar

Mukesh Ashar Chairs the Behavior Science faculty at Lemon School of Entrepreneurship. Mr. Mukesh is an entrepreneur and international trainer (JCI certified) with experience in telecom & industrial supply domain for last 25 years. He is a mechanical engineer and attended international trainee fellow program from JCI, USA. His training career showcases many programs from motivational training, train the trainers to behavioral & presentation skills since last 20 years. His hard core entrepreneurship skills and experience for training youth in developing these skills makes him the most experience person with over 1500 training programs for youth across the. His dynamic personality acts as an “energy influence” for Lemon Entrepreneurs. He is founding member of Lemon School.

Sumesh Menon

Mr. Sumesh Menon is Chief Delivery Officer at Clarion Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Before that Sumesh DGM (Advisory Project Manager) at IBM. Sumesh is one of the best delivery managers with pragmatic and strategic approach He has successfully delivered many key projects at IBM and Clarion Technologies. His strengths are identifying process deficiencies and enhancing them for streamline delivery. He is passionate speaker, guide and mentor for budding entrepreneurs where in he brings his two decades of corporate experience working start-ups as well as well established companies like IBM

Sunil Uttarwar

Mr. Sunil Uttarwar is Associate Vice President at Sun Pharma. He has more than 2 decades of experience in Pharma Industries managing huge factory sites and manufacturing units. He hold B.E (Chemical) from BITS Pilani and MBA from ICFAI(Finance)

Koustubh Gokhale

Mr. Koustubh is entrepreneur and Director / owner of Gajanan Enterprises. He is an alumnus of Smt. Indira Gandhi College of Engineering and leads its Alumni Outreach Program. He is also Treasurer of Thane Belapur Industrial Association.

Shridhar Navghare

Mr. Shridhar Navghare is Managing Director and Proprietor of ASR Industries. which is India’s leading design and manufacturer of CNC, VMC, HMC Fixtures & related components used for fine quality part production in mass production Industry. He is responsible for taking this company from inception to more than 20 CR annual revenue within a short span of 15 years.

Thomas Zakrzewski (Tom Z) – USA

As a Senior Information Technologist and Multidisciplinary Expert, Tom drives growth by improving and innovating business and IT functions through applying academic knowledge, practical knowledge, and customer-focus leadership.
His experience includes leadership roles such as Head of Delivery, Head of Architecture, and Chief Information Officer. He has designed, developed, delivered, and supported world class products across various industries including Financial Services, Banking, E-Commerce, Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Distribution/Logistics. He also serve on the New Jersey Institute of Technology Advisory Board, Rutgers Big Data Advisory Board, and maintain close working relationships with many top academic institutions

Dr. Rahul Telang – Professor of Information System – PhD Chair – Carnegie Mellon University – USA

Professor Telang’s research interest lies in two major domains. First is on Digital Media Industry with a particular focus on digitization of songs, movies, TV and books is affecting the incentives of content provider, content distributors as well public policy challenges in terms of innovation and copyright.
In particular, he has examined the issue proliferation of distribution platforms including online piracy and its impact on traditional music, movies and books industry. Recently, he is investigating the role of social networks on music diffusion, technology adoption, and employee job search. Some of his prior work explored the challenges of interaction of multiple platforms (web portals vs telephony for customer service; SMS and voice for cellular phones). He was the recipient of Sloan Foundation Industry Study fellowship for his work in this domain and is a co-director of Digital Media Research Center at the Heinz College. His work is also funded extensively by industry participants including Google.
Dr. Telang has published extensively in many top journals like Management Science, Marketing Science, Information Systems Research, MIS Quarterly, and Journal of Marketing Research. He is on the editorial board of Management Science and ISR. He has organized many conferences and workshops and many of his papers have received top honors at journals and conferences.

Start-up Domain Focus
  • Agriculture
  • Bio Technology
  • Education
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Precision Tools
  • Production Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Deep Learning
  • Blockchain
  • E-Commerce
  • Digital Marketing
Our Partners

Lemon School of Entrepreneurship (LSE)

SIGCE has partnered with Lemon School of Entrepreneurship (LSE) to leverage its unique pedagogy for budding innovators and entrepreneurs. Lemon School of Entrepreneurship (LSE) is a unique, new age Gurukul with a vision to support, mentor and train budding as well as early stage entrepreneurs. The pedagogy being Learning by Doing, Learn through reflections and real life experimentation.
LSE believes that creation of work portfolio through experiential learning and pre-incubation training is vital for entrepreneurship.


Awareness Program of Entrepreneurship Development (March 5,8, 2018)


  • Why be an Entrepreneur?
  • Are Entrepreneurs born or made?
  • Difference between a Businessman and an Entrepreneur
  • Attributes and traits of an Entrepreneur
  • Promoting Start-up eco-system in Colleges
  • Academic linkage with Start-up
  • Academic Projects as Start-up Case studies
  • Startup India program by Govt of India
  • Why entrepreneurs / businesses Fail?
  • New age startups
  • Live case study : Story of Start-up Journey in Entrepreneur’s own words
  • Idea Generation & business plan activity for Students



  • Understanding Entrepreneurship journey.
  • Understanding the skills , attributes required to be an entrepreneur.
  • Knowing the different supports extended by govt, to students to become an entrepreneur ( Start-up India).
  • Understanding how ideas can be identified


Idea to Reality Workshop (March 20, 21 – 2018)


  • Effectuation
  • Assessment 7 Doman Factor
  • What makes entrepreneurs entrepreneurial?
  • Why be an Entrepreneur?



Lemon Ideas (www.lemonideas.in) in association with S. P. Sanghi Airconditioning Pvt. Ltd. (www.spsanghi.com) powered by Smt. Indira Gandhi College of Engineering recently completed the Green Round of iNNOPRENEURS’18 on Apr 24, 2018 at Smt. Indira Gandhi College of Engineering, Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai. The full daylong event of Green Round of iNNOPRENEURS’18 enjoyed 17 presentations from 30 innopreneurs (innovative entrepreneurs), out of which 7 were awarded the mentoring & incubation vouchers whereas 4 were promoted to Grand Finale. Green Round (Mumbai) have enjoyed a lot of diversity in terms of geographies, ages, backgrounds etc. This round has received entries from the major cities of India like Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai etc. The teams awarded incubation and mentoring vouchers are following.

  • Smart Shoppers App
  • U Farm Technologies
  • The Hikers Club
  • KamWaliBai.com
  • Boomerang
  • Arkidzoo
  • Renewal Ash

4 projects/ ideas were promoted to Grand Finale.
The teams promoted to Grand Finale are following.

  • Jai Kisan
  • Ignisnova
  • Vanakkam Foods
  • Fatcat Robotics

Green Round (Mumbai) of iNNOPRENEURS’18 had been judged by the following jury.

  • Mr. Deepak Menaria (Founder & CEO – Lemon Ideas)
  • Mr. Nitin Gujarathi (Chair – Technology | Lemon School of Entrepreneurship)
  • Mr. Dilip Jain (Founder & CEO – POR Industrial Park)
  • Ms. Akanksha Sanghi (Director – Marketing at S.P. Sanghi Airconditioning Pvt Ltd)
  • Mr. Sunil Jadhav (Managing Director at Jawaharlal Nehru Institute | JNIESTR)
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar (Founder – udChalo)
  • Mr. Kapil Chopra (CEO – Intelegain)