STEM Based Robotics


STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.
We strongly believe learning is achieved by doing and understanding. Students are more aware of their surroundings and career options; we want to help them to understand the practical aspect of things around them, we believe robotics and STEM is more joyous and practical approach achieving them.
In order to Build the bridge between learning and doing, SIGCE has collaborated with Maverick Den STEM Robotics Pvt. Ltd.
Maverick Den is Strong team of Professionals having sound and in depth experience in the areas of technology with Education, Electronics, IOT and Learning process.
Maverick Den has set up Robotic and Innovation Lab in the college Campus to provide a R&D environment to kindle the innovation within students.
The field of robotics requires a combination of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer programming/computer science skills. Even if you’re not employed directly in the field of robotics, with any one of those skill sets you’ll certainly be able to find some form of employment.


Project Based Courses serve as an effective platform for the college students to take their first steps in robotics. You can get started in Robotics in a very cost effective manner. College students can either learn to build robots from their home with the help of our workshops or they can learn from our experts by attending a trainer-led classroom training program on robotics. You can organize our Robotics Workshops in your college/ school/ community and our trainers will be there with the kits and necessary materials to help you to build robots. Following an innovative Think ‘n’ Do methodology, these workshops engage you through practical learning while teaching you the technical concepts and physics that move the world forward. There are also a number of quizzes to keep your brain working, thinking and asking right questions. With all the things in the right place,our college level robotics courses are sure to give a great start to your journey in robotics.

    • Bluetooth Bot
    • Quad Den Bot
    • Arm Robot
    • Draw Bot
    • Raspebrry Pi
    • Home Automation
  • Arduino Basics
  • Ardino Intermediate
  • Arduino Advanced
  • Raspberry Pi Basics
  • Raspberry Intermediate
  • Raspberry Pi Advance
  • Web designing
  • Linux OS, Installation, Server Management

You will discover breakthrough technologies in Robotics. Immerse yourself in the most forward-looking discipline of our time.

    • Makes learning fun, engaging, and inspiring
    • Provides highly practical hands-on experience
    • Gives a head-start in preparing for high school and college
    • Develops critical thinking skills and problem solving strategies
    • Develops critical thinking skills and problem solving strategies
    • Enables learner to develop and express creativity
    • Develops the ability to work collaboratively in teams
    • Helps your student develop an intuitive understanding of physical concepts in science and math
    • Helps to excel in math and science and choose a career in science and technology
    • Enables learner to appreciate and realize technology
    • Builds confidence and self-esteem
    • Prepares your student for the fast-paced competitive world