Women Development Cell

Women Development Cell's recent Activities
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Following are the details of activities done by WDC:
  • Prof.Sonali Deshpande and Prof.Rama Pantar attended 'JANIVA-JAGRUTI KRITI DIVAS' on 23rd Jan, 2013 which was observed by Mumbai University(UWDC).
  • In the name of social awareness campaign, the staff and students of SIGCE took a pledge during college festival i.e IGNITE on 2nd February, 2013 arranged by EDC.
  • WDC had proposed to celebrate Women’s Day on 8th March and estimated the cost for function, arranged for the speakers. But due to unavoidable circumstances women’s day was not celebrated.
  • But WDC student members had put up the posters in the college premises to convey the message regarding 'Respect to Women and Violence against Women' on 8th March, 2013 i.e International Women’s Day.
  • Some of the students had also prepared video clippings to Respect Women of all profession including housewives and maids as well.
  • On 8th March, all women were wished as 'HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY' on LCD Display device put up in the college
  • Student members of WDC had put up the posters on 'Dahi Handi Day' in a very innovative way to end violence against women and to respect women in every field
  • Prof. Rama Pantar and Prof. Sonali Deshpande attended 'Sensitized workshop on sexual crime against women' on 31st August, 2013 at S.N.D.T Women’s University, Mumbai
  • WDC of SIGCE is collecting the slogans from all the students of SIGCE and has declared prizes for the best slogan.
  • The staff of CSR Group of Reliance staged a street play on 24th January, 2014 in the college premises. ‘SAVE GIRL CHILD’ was the theme of the play.
  • Women development cell had organized Tilgul samarambha on 28th January, 2014. The Managing Trustee member Mrs. Ashwini Jadhav Bhagat graced the event with her presence and shared her views on how harassment on women can be avoided and even mentioned the objectives of women development cell.
  • A Pledge on behalf of women development cell was taken on 31st January, 2014 during IGNITE 2014. The staff of CSR Group of Reliance were also invited to demonstrate their street play on ‘save girl child’ at the annual function IGNITE.

Women Development Cell's past Activities
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  • To prevent sexual harassment & to promote general well-being of female students, teaching and non-teaching women staff of the colleges.
  • To create social awareness about the problems of women & female students in particular regarding gender discrimination.
  • To maintain congenial working environment for women employees and female students of S.I.G.C.E.
  • To develop the self confidence of Women.

  • To process all the individual complaints concerning sexual harassment that may be received from any person & take suitable action, thereon in the more particular manner will be set out herein after.

Members of the Committee 2013-14
Principal- Dr.U.D.Kolekar
(022) 27543608
Mrs. Rama A. Pantar 9870468310 ramapantar@gmail.com
NGO Representative
Mrs. Vrushali Magdum 9322255390 vamagdum@gmail.com
Teaching Staff Members
Prof. Sonali Deshpande 9930991116 deshpandesonali@yahoo.com
Prof. Govind Waghmare 8237684213 waghmaregovind29@gmail.com
Non-Teaching Staff Members
Mr. Pachpande 9892081828 pachpande@rediffmail.com
Mrs. Phalke 9867257560 phalkesurekha@rediffmail.com
Mrs. Sangeeta 9867915264 --
Student representatives
Ankit Shetty T.E Comp 9920096019 shettyankit124@gmail.com
Debajuti Shah B.E Extc 8286147121 debajutisaha@gmail.com
Aishwarya Salvi B.E Instru 9820975979 salvirajendra@rediffmail.com
The above committee has been formed according to the guidelines of University Development Cell.

Following are the details of activities done by WDC:
  • WDC of S.I.G.C.E was formed on 24.08.2007
  • On 5.04.2008 as a part of WDC activity, WDC of S.I.G.C.E. took the decision regarding post maternity leave and some special concession for ladies staff members to take care of their newly born baby. It was implemented regularly thereafter.
  • WDC member of S.I.G.C.E. Mrs. Rama Pantar attended Training of Trainees (TOT) work-shop for preparation of Gender Sensitization on 24.09.2008.
  • WDC Member Mrs.Rama Pantar attended work shop on Gender-Sensitization conducted by WDC at University level on 3.10.2008.
  • WDC of S.I.G.C.E arranged a ladies health awareness programme on 15.10.2008. in the college itself. Chief Guest Gynecologist Dr. Archana Dannagade (M.D),delivered a interesting lecture on "Ladies Health awareness". Mrs. Vrushali Magdum, N.G.O. representative of S.I.G.C.E. delivered a speech on "Importance of WDC".
  • WDC of S.I.G.C.E celebrated centenary year of Internationals Women Day on 31.03.2010. & as a part of entertainment programme T.V celebrity Mrs.Mugda Shah was invited as a guest, she discussed her own experienced in glamour world and difficulties she faced to built up her career.
  • Many girls student presented PPT on Violence against Women in various circumstances.
  • Awareness programme "Janiv jagruti kruti divas" was observed by University of Mumbai on 23.01.2013, as rememberance of that day PLEDGE was taken by all the staff & students of S.I.G.C.E during college festival "IGNITE" on 2.02.2013
  • Prof. Rama Pantar of Electrical Dept. & Prof. S.N. Deshpande of Computer Dept. attended workshop on "Sensitization & Sexual Crime against Women" on 31.08.2013 at S.N.D.T. Women’s University.
Student's Activities