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About Library

The state of the art SIGCE Library has been successfully catering to the Knowledge and information needs of students and staff of the college. The library supports the teaching-learning program of the institute with an excellent collection of text books, reference books, journals and magazines, data sheets, audio visual materials and other reading material. The carpet area of the library is more than 4000 sq. ft. and the reading hall accommodates 150 students at a time. There are two reading rooms for students and one for staff, separate internet multimedia centre and reprographic center which provides unlimited internet access and reprographic facilities respectively.

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Automation :

Library uses SOUL software package which is an integrated multi-user, multi-tasking, library management software that supports all in-house operations of the library. The software extends the facilities like Web-OPAC, Acquisition, Cataloguing, Circulation, Utility, Serial Control. The database of books and journals available in library is being updated on day to day basis with details of recently procured books. Barcode technology has been implemented for circulation.

e-Journals :

Library is subscribing to IEL online journals through INDEST-AICTE consortium. The IEEE/IEE Electronic Library (IEL) covers almost one third of the world's current electrical engineering and computer science literature, providing unparalleled access to publications from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE). The resource covers more than 950,000 documents from over 12,000 publications, including 219 journals, transactions, magazines, conference proceedings, IEEE Standards. More than 25,000 new pages are added per month. It provides access to more than two million full-page PDF images, including all original charts, graphs, diagrams, photographs, and illustrative material.

Web OPAC :

It enables database search facility of books and journals available in the library. The Web-OPAC is also being used to access question papers and syllabus in digital form, photo gallery of current events like workshops, seminars and annual gathering organized by the institute.

Membership :

All students, faculty members and employees of the institute are entitled for the membership of the library. Their entitlements, in terms of number of books that they can borrow, and the permissible loan period are as follows:

Sr. No Category No. of Books Loan Period
1 Faculty 06 1 Semester
2 Visiting Faculty 02 1 Semester
3 Non-Teaching Staff 02 1 Month
4 Students 03 15 Days



Mr.Mahesh J.Thombare (Librarian)

Sr. No Name of Staff Designation Qualification
1 Mr. Mahesh J. Thombare Librarian B.Com, M.L.I.Sc
2 Mr. Jaysing A. Angane Library Assistant B.A., B. L.I.Sc
3 Mr. Shahaji V. Pawar Library Clerk B.Sc
4 Mr. Dattatray V. Bhosale Library Attendant S.S.C, L.T.C

Library At A Glance

Sr. No Area
1 Total Area 406 Sq.mt
2 Total Seating Capacity 150
3 Multimedia Lab for students with internet facility 01
4 Total Number computer in Lab 10
Sr. No Collection
1 Books 25268
2 Titles 6651
3 Book Bank Books 853
4 No. of National Journals/Magazines 31
5 No. of International Journals 149
6 CD ROM and DVD' 782
7 Bound Volumes of Journals 453
8 Popular Magazines 3
9 News Papers 9
Sr. No Library Facility
1 Working Hours 8.30 am to 6:60pm
2 Library Networking Yes
3 Internet Speed 100 mbps
4 Photocopy Facility Yes
5 Bar Code Facility Yes
6 Library Management Software SOUL
7 Document Scanning Facility Yes
8 Document Printing Facility Yes
9 Library Book Standard Classification System Yes (DDC)
10 University Question Paper and Syllabus in Digital Format Yes

List Of Journals

List of Journals for the year 2019

Sr No Name Periodicity
1 Asian Journal of Electrical Engineering Quarterly
2 Bulletin of Material Science Bimonthly
3 DESIDOC Bullitin of Information Technology Quarterly
4 Digit Monthly
5 Electrical India Monthly
6 Electronics for You (with CD) Monthly
7 IEEMA Journal Monthly
8 IETE Journal of Education Quarterly
9 IETE Journal of Research Bimonthly
10 IETE Technical Review Bimonthly
11 i-manager’s Journal on Computer Science Quarterly
12 i-manager's Journal on Future Engineering and Technology Quarterly
13 Indian Journal of Engineering and Materials Sciences Bimonthly
14 Indian Journal of Power and river valley development Bimonthly
15 Industrial Automation Monthly
16 International Journal for applied science and engineering Half Yearly
17 International Journal of Distributed and Cloud Computing Half Yearly
18 International Journal of Electronics Engineering Half Yearly
19 ISST Journal of Electrical and electronics engineering Half Yearly
20 ISST Journal of mechanical engineerig Half Yearly
21 IUP Journal of Mecahnical Engineering Quarterly
22 Journal of Central power research institute Quarterly
23 Journal of computer and mathematical science Monthly
24 Lab Experiments Quarterly
25 Linux for you Monthly
26 Power Line Monthly
27 Pramana: Journal of Physics Monthly
28 Proceedings: Mathematical Sci Quarterly
29 Sadhana: Academy proceedings in engineering Sciences Bimonthly
30 Science Reporter Monthly
31 The IUP Journal of Computer Sciences Quarterly
32 The IUP Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Quarterly
33 The IUP Journal of Information Technology Quarterly
34 The IUP Journal of Soft skills Quarterly
35 The IUP Journal of Telecommunications Quarterly
36 University News Weekly

Important Links

Open Access Journals / e-journals

Sr No Journals / e-journals Links
1 Directory of Open Access Journals -Provides access to over 1500 + learned journals covering all major disciplines. http://www.doaj.org/
2 Indian Academy of Sciences (IAS) - 11 free Indian online journals http://www.ias.ac.in
3 Niscair Full Text Journals http://nopr.niscair.res.in/
4 Institute of Physics electronic journals(IOP) 60 e-journals http://iopscience.iop.org/journals
5 Journal of the Indian Institute of Science http://journal.library.iisc.ernet.in/
6 Down to Earth http://www.downtoearth.org.in
7 Indian National Science Academy journals (INSA) http://insa.nic.in/UI/journaldetails.aspx?AID=NA==
8 Iete Journals (institution Of Electronics And Telecommunication Engineers.) http://www.iete.org/publications.html
9 Open Access Journals Search Engine http://www.oajse.com/
10 Medknow Publications Journals http://www.medknow.com
11 49 Full Open Access Stm Journals http://www.hindawi.com/journals/
12 Academic Journals http://www.academicjournals.org/about.html
13 ACM Digital Library https://dl.acm.org/pubs.cfm
14 Computer Science Journal http://www.cscjournals.org/
15 Science Publication Journals http://thescipub.com/browse/

Dictionaries / encyclopedia

Sr No Dictionaries / encyclopedia Links
1 One Look Dictionery http://www.onelook.com/
2 Encyclopedia http://www.encyclopedia.com
3 Encyclopedia Britannica http://www.britannica.com
4 Merriam Webster Dictionary http://www.merriam-webster.com
5 Engineering Dictionary http://www.engineering-dictionary.org/
6 Webster's Online Dictionary http://www.websters-online-dictionary.org

Free E-books

Sr No E-books Links
1 Project Gutenberg offers over 38,000 free ebooks http://www.gutenberg.org/
2 Free fiction books https://www.bookrix.com/books;fiction,id:16.html
3 Rare books http://www.rarebooksocietyofindia.org
4 Science Citation Index http://thomsonreuters.com/products_services/science/science_products/a-z/science_citation_index/

Dictionaries / encyclopedia

Sr No Dictionaries / encyclopedia Links
1 One Look Dictionery http://www.onelook.com/
2 Encyclopedia http://www.encyclopedia.com
3 Encyclopedia Britannica http://www.britannica.com
4 Merriam Webster Dictionary http://www.merriam-webster.com
5 Engineering Dictionary http://www.engineering-dictionary.org/
6 Webster's Online Dictionary http://www.websters-online-dictionary.org

General Engineering

Sr No General Engineering Links
1 Greatest Engineering Achievements http://www.greatachievements.org/
2 Mahatma Gandhi University online thesis Library http://www.mgutheses.org/
3 Vidyanidhi enhances access to Indian theses and enlarges the reach and audience for Indian doctoral research works http://www.vidyanidhi.org.in/
4 Shodhganga: PhD Thesis and Dissertation http://ietd.inflibnet.ac.in/

Video Lectures & Learning Resources

Sr No Video Lectures & Learning Resources Links
1 National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) http://www.nptel.iitm.ac.in/ https://www.youtube.com/user/nptelhrd
2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) https://ocw.mit.edu/index.htm
3 IGNOU RESOURCES http://www.egyankosh.ac.in/
4 Open Yale Courses https://oyc.yale.edu/
5 National Science Digital Library at NISCAIR http://nsdl.niscair.res.in/jspui/
6 Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD) http://www.ndltd.org/


Sr No Patent Links
1 Indian Patent Searchable Database http://www.pfc.org.in/db/db.htm
2 Govt India Patent Website http://patinfo.nic.in
3 National Intellectual Property Organization http://www.nipo.in/
4 India Patent Website http://www.ipindia.nic.in/

Newspaper Directory for the World

Sr No Newspaper Directory for the World Links
1 Online Newspaper Directory for the World http://www.onlinenewspapers.com/
2 India News Papers Directory http://www.e-paperview.com/bharat.html