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Department of Computer Engineering was started in 1993. The Department is well established with number of well qualified and experienced faculty members.

The Department is also sponsoring staff members for higher studies and research work. Department has good coordination between staff and students.

The Department started IGNIUM to avail the benefits of advanced courses and information to upgrade students to current trends in technologies and industry.

This is an exciting period for the Computer Engineering profession as the rapidly changing technology creates many opportunities and challenges. Computer Engineering is prepared to meet the challenges and is playing a leadership role in shaping the education of the 21st Century by providing unique educational opportunities in the forefront of Computer Engineering, Information Technology and their applications.

The students are focused with the use of conceptual understanding of core domain areas in Computing as well as enhanced programming skills disseminating their analytical abilities. Our aim is to provide our students the lifelong learning and leadership skills that enable them to grow in their professions and advance to positions of responsibility by effective Industry-Institute Interaction. The Department has an excellent placement record and the placed students are in prestigious software industries all over the world.


To be recognized in the industry and society as an excellent center of education in the field of computer engineering.


  1. To provide an encouraging environment for teaching learning process.
  2. To empower Computer Engineering knowledge of the students to meet the needs of industry and society.
  3. To build overall personality of the students through technical, social and holistic activities.


  1. Successful Career: Graduate will analyze the requirements of the problem in computer engineering, understand the technical feasibility, design and provide efficient engineering solutions with ethical values.
  2. Lifelong learning: Graduates will engage in lifelong learning by doing higher studies and adapt for ever changing industrial and social demands.
  3. Social Awareness: To train the graduates for a career and work through values & social concern.


Graduates will be able to:

  1. Apply the principles of mathematics, data structure and algorithm to solve the problem.
  2. Understand the functionality of hardware and software of computer system and its applications.
  3. Participate in planning and implement solution through leadership and professional ethics.

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