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SIGCE is a member of Workforce Development Program from Oracle. Under this SIGCOE is an authorized training center for Oracle WDP courses.
Oracle Work Development Program (WDP) College has started advanced value added training program in Oracle Work Development Program (WDP) for the benefits of the students. The objective of this program is to enable students to have an access to Oracle authorized training at low cost. WDP exposes the students to oracle university courseware and cds during the training program, this also helps the students to get awarded with certificates which are clear differentiators from their peers, when looking for jobs. These training which are conducted under WDP, leads the students to oracle certification. “These certificates (OCP) are treated as standards in the industry and help the students to get better placements in future”

WDP benefits to the students:
Oracle training to the students of the college.
Courseware from oracle.
Hands on experience on oracle software.
Vouchers for students extending special
online OCP examination fees.
Participation Certificates after completion of each module.

Oracle Work Force Development Lab

WDP course offerings:
DBA Track:
Module -I: Introduction to oracle 9i-SQL
Module -II: Oracle 9i DBA fundamentals (I)
Module -III: Oracle 9i DBA fundamentals (II)
Module -IV: Oracle 9i performance tuning
Note: Module (I) and (II) will lead to the OCA-DBA track. Learning and completion of module III & IV along with them will lead to OCP-DBA track learning.

Module -I: Introduction to Oracle 9i-SQL
Module -II: Program with PL/SQL
Module -III: Oracle 9i forms developer: build internet applications.
Note Module I and 11 will lead to OCA-developer track. Learning and completion of module III along with them will further lead to OCP developer learning

At present two batches (40 students) have taken training program in oracle module-1 of WDP and many them have got good campus placements in the reputed multinational industries.

Following are the course Modules

Date Title of Workshop / Seminar etc. Convener
1 Introduction to Oracle 9i : SQL 40 Hours
2 Oracle 9i DBA fundamentals 2 40 Hours
3 Oracle 9i DBA fundamentals -2 40 Hours
4 Oracle 9i performance tuning 40 Hours
5 Oracle 9i programming with PL/SQL 40 Hours
6 Oracle 9i Forms Developers: Build internet applications 40 Hours

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