Sr. No.



01 Woman’s Day Celebration By WDC Date : 08/03/16
  • Self defense and self protection are an important priority for women.
  • Self Defense program held on the occasion of women’s day celebration.
02 Hardware Fault Finding Competition Date : 29/02/16
  • Competition was carried out as a series of practical tasks in PC maintenance and Networking to explore student’s knowledge and skills.
03 “Salad Making” Competition- Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy Date : 11/02/16
  • The competition held for creating “Health and Wellness Awareness”.
04 University Level Quiz Competition Date : 27/01/16
  • Quiz Competition Activity held by SEED InfoTech pvt. Ltd.
  • Number of Students attended the Quiz Competition is 80
  • Helped students in order to enhance their knowledge.
05 Parents Teachers Meet By Computer Department Date : 15/09/15
  • Student’s Academic progress conveyed to parents.
  • Various activities conducted by department for overall development of the students discussed with parents.
  • Obtained Parents feedback.
06 Engineers Day Celebration– “Poster Making On Great Indian Women” Date : 15/09/15
  • Around 40 participants presented posters of GREAT INDIAN WOMEN along with their work and achievements in various fields.
07 Aerobics - Commit to be fit Date : 08/09/15
  • To learn better – To serve better – To stay Fit is necessary
  • 1 hour session was organized by professional trainer to teach aerobics and its importance for healthy living.
08 Teachers Day Celebration Date : 07/09/15
  • It’s a day when students show their gratitude towards teachers.
  • A grand Teachers Day Celebration organized by students which enthuses teachers to render their services further.
09 Resume Writing & Personal Interview Session Date : 02/09/15 Huge response by students to external professional expert who advised for-
  • Time management
  • Creativity
  • Determination
  • Clear, concise documentation
  • Interview Hints
10 Seminar on “WordPress” Date : 21/08/15
  • WordPress installation steps
  • Merits and demerits of wordpress
  • Various tools available to create web pages in few minutes
11 Seminar on “Higher Study In Abroad” Date : 21/08/15
  • Provide information regarding higher study.
  • Awareness of higher studies importance.
  • Encourages learners to grab the opportunity.
  • Gain more knowledge by getting others opinion
12 2st Mock Aptitude Test on Verbal Reasoning & Solution Discussion Date : 12/08/15 & 19/08/15 This activity helps students to
  • Increase the Intelligence Quiz.
  • Enhancing the aptitude knowledge.
  • Increase the problem solving ability.
13 Meditation Activity-Heartfulness Workshop Date : 14/08/15
  • Meditation result in joy, peace, enthusiasm as the level of ‘prana’ in the body increases.
  • Meditation brings the brainwave pattern into an Alpha state that promotes healing.
14 Seminar on “Kali Linux” Date : 14/08/15
  • Seminar covered various tools of Kali Linux for ethical hacking and security.
  • Students get aware of pros and cons of hacking also what literal ethical hacking means.
15 Group Discussion on General Topic Date : 11/08/15 GD Session provides -
  • Opportunity for sharing of ideas and concerns.
  • Learning enhancement in both the affective and cognitive domains.
16 1st Mock Aptitude Test on Verbal Reasoning & Solution Discussion Date : 04/08/15 Activity outcome
  • Increase the thinking power
  • Increase the Intelligence Quiz.
  • Enhancing the knowledge.
17 Seminar on “Basic of Photoshop” Date : 31/07/15
  • Enhancing knowledge of Photoshop.
  • Get aware about various image processing techniques.
  • Get involved into technical activities apart from regular studies.
18 Group Discussion & HR Session Date : 29/07/15
  • Aware of SPELT analysis technique
  • Increase the Intelligence Quiz.
  • Enhancing the knowledge to crack GD.
19 Seminar on “Sailfish OS” Date : 24/07/15
  • Aware of new OS
Date: 26th September, 2014 Department: Computer Engineering

Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are considered entitled: the right to life, liberty, freedom of thought and expression, and equal treatment before the law, among others. They are commonly understood as inalienable fundamental rights "to which a person is inherently entitled simply because she or he is a human being," and which are "inherent in all human beings" regardless of their nation, location, language, religion, ethnic origin or any other status. They are applicable everywhere and at every time in the sense of being universal and they are egalitarian in the sense of being the same for everyone.

It is a sad fact that the worst human right violations take place with the silent consent of the wide majority. Without a widespread culture of human rights, democracy is not by itself a guarantee of respect of human rights. We feel an obligation to recognize any situation that may eventually compromise the possibility of a serene and decent life for any number of people, beginning from the social environment we are living in.

To spread the awareness of Human Rights among the students & teachers, Mrs. Smita Makade Madam from Computer Department took the initiative & Coordinated with “Humanity First Foundation (HFF)” ,a National Human Rights Organization, was started & established by Shri. NAVED SHAIKH – FOUNDER & NATIONAL PRESIDENT (HFF).The group's stated purpose is: “To teach youth nationwide about Human Rights and promoting social welfare, thus helping them to become valuable advocates for the promotion of Tolerance and Peace”. HUMANITY FIRST FOUNDATION MOTTO is to provide unconditional support to the Underprivileged section of the society with Dignity. HUMANITY FIRST FOUNDATION journey owes much to the support of a large number of friends, supporters and well wishers.HFF team taught us the different rights of a human being which most of us did not know.

Presented by HFF team Miss. Amruta Tate (General Secretary Of HFF)& the HFF Team gave the seminar & showed us a Awareness Video on Human Rights. They informed about their different projects like, Project “VISION”, Project “AAHAAR”,Project “HEALTH PLUS”, Project “UMEED”,Project “UDAAN”,Project “UNITE FOR INDIA” etc. Spreading awareness using Video by HFF Presented by Miss. Amruta Tate The HFF team Motto was to help & support an unemployed, a needy people by not doing a rally campaign or any candle march rather they had a different projects under which they act upon it and take an action based on that. All the students & Teachers were eagerly listening about the human rights, the different activities & were informed to join their organization which as a sign of support they will take their projects & Activities to another level where they can educate more children& many more employment, etc. All the Human rights & the HFF’s different projects have been known & been possible because of Mrs. Smita Makade Madam who had taken the responsibility & step forward to coordinate with Humanity First Foundation. After such an influential presentation most of them had joined their organization as a sign of Support. “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”

College : Smt. Indira Gandhi College Of Engineering, Koparkhairne, Navi-Mumbai.

Department : Computer Engineering.

Organized By : Goonj Foundation.

The Jammu and Kashmir tragedy was touted as one of the biggest tragedies that India has faced in recent years. Jammu and Kashmir was battling one of the worst floods in decades with rivers in the region in spate due to days of incessant rain. Over 200 people had died and thousands were stranded across the state, including the capital Srinagar.The Army, IAF and NDRF undertook a massive round-the-clock rescue and relief operation, with 86 aircrafts and 30,000 troops.The impact of the tragedy was such that it moved each and every citizen of our country. The management of our college was no different. It initiated a relief activity in our college in association with Computer department. The department co-ordinated with “Goonj Foundation”, a unique resource mobilization initiative providing clothes and other basic amenities in such crisis situations. Our department issued a notice notifying all the students to provide a helping hand in this cause in following ways

The faculty members and all the students showed a great sense of responsibility and contributed whole-heartedly over a period of 2 days. All the helping material such as clothes, candles, match box, medicines, bedsheets, blankets, utensils, food grain was gathered and forwarded to Goonj foundation to be sent to the flood-affected area. Staff members have donated blankets(1 blanket each) trough this foundation.

The students also took it upon themselves to look after the arrangements while loading the collected material. It was a great a picture that symbolised the Unity among students. Not only the Unity, but all of us were driven by the following great thought to provide a helping hand towards the 'Heaven Of India'. “The Greatest Distinction Is, Service To Others”.
Topic: Online Test of "SPOKEN TUTORIAL" on "PHP MySQL" activities in Academic year 2012-13 Date: Tuesday, 9th October, 2012 (TE) Thursday, 11th October, 2012 (BE) Time: Session 1: 10.30 am- 11.30 am Session 2: 11.30 am- 12.30 pm Venue: Computer Labs, Smt.Indira Gandhi College of Engineering Topics covered: PHP and MySQL Flow of the event: The initiative for conducting this workshop was taken by IIT Bombay and CSI, Mumbai Chapter. The encouragement and guidance for the workshop was provided by the staff of Computer Department, Smt. Indira Gandhi College of Engineering.There was overwhelming response from the students. The details of the online test are as follows:




Appeared 51 65
Passed 50 65
Feedback: The computer department students (TE as well as BE) are benefitted from this workshop. The overall feedback from students expressed the Spoken tutorial workshop as interesting and easy to understand.

Sr. No

Name of the Participants




Organised by

1 Bhagyeshree Tate Group Discussion 1st -- A.C. Patil College (Computer Dept)
2 Bhagyeshree Tate Interview 2nd -- A.C. Patil College (Computer Dept)
3 Harsh  Bhimjyani Web Designing 2nd -- Terna College
4 Ashish Patil, Priya Hajari Technical Paper Presentation (TPP) 1st Rs.4000/- Yadavrao Tasgaonkar College
5 Ashish Patil, Priya Hajari TPP 1st Rs.1000/- A.C. Patil College (Computer Dept)
6 Ashish Patil, Priya Hajari TPP 2nd Rs.500/- A.C. Patil College (Electrical Dept)
7 Ashish Patil, Priya Hajari TPP 2nd Rs.500/- Datta Meghe College
8 Ashish Patil, Priya Hajari TPP 3rd Rs.500/- A.C. Patil College (Instrumentation Dept)
9 Raakhee Iyer, Preshita More Technical Paper Presentation (TPP) -- -- Yadavrao Tasgaonkar College
10 Raakhee Iyer, Tejal Panjuani, Preshita More TPP -- -- A.C. Patil College (Computer Dept)
11 Raakhee Iyer, Tejal Panjuani, Preshita More TPP -- -- Datta Meghe College
12 Raakhee Iyer, Tejal Panjuani, Preshita More TPP -- -- A.C. Patil College (Instrumentation Dept)
13 Viraj khatavkar, Prachi Raktate. Madhusudhan Anisetti TPP -- -- A.C. Patil College (Instrumentation Dept)

Sr. No.



1 Prof. Chandran Dipti 1. SUN Certification –SUN Certified Programmer 2. MICROSOFT Certified Professional 3. Best Teacher Recognition from SIGCE(2003-04) 4. Maharashtra Govt. High Scool Scholership 5. Certificate in academic Excellence from Pololefins Industries Ltd.

Sr. No.


1 Mr. Patil K.T. CSI Membership
2 Prof. Chandran Dipti Life Member of ISTE(LM-40062)
3 Mrs. Deshpande S.N CSI Membership

Sr. No

Name of Staff

Name of Conference

Theme of the Seminar/ Conference/ Symposia

Name of Organizer

Date & place

Title of Paper

1 Ms. Chandran Dipti Conference Qualitative framework for requirement engg in Agile s/w development
Seminar Framework for selection of s/w Qulity models
Conference Suppressed BP Neural prediction for mammary Duetal carcioma
Conference Analysis framework for neural activation functions
Seminar Software Quality models for small organization
Conference Ensemble of Neural classifiers
2 Mrs. Hole Varsha P. ICWET2011 Conference Thakur College 25 Feb 2011 Survey on Preprocessing Tech. of HCR and Customizing for Indic Script
IJCA Journal Thakur College 25 Feb 2011 Survey on Preprocessing Tech. of HCR and Customizing for Indic Script
National Workshop Conference RJIT March 2010 Mobility Mgnt in NGN
ICWET 2012 International conference Thakur College Feb 2012 Text line and word  Seg. Skew detection in HD
Equinox National Terna College  Oct-2011 Skew detection in HD
3 Mrs. Deshpande Sonali N. DCT National Gujrat Sep 2007 Genetic Algorithm
AICT THAILAND International Thailand Aug-2008 Efficient object recognization  under influence of Occlusion

Sr. No

Name of Staff

National/ International

Organization/ Venue




1 Ms. Chandran Dipti Workshop SIGCOE IBM,RSA 3 days Aug 2010
Seminar SIGCOE ‘Latest  trends in communication networks and security system’
2 Mrs. Hole Varsha P. National NITTR/PUTE Teaching Training 15 days Jan 2009
National Work Shop (VJTI-Mumbai) DBMS 1 Week Dec 2008
National Work Shop (IIT-Mumbai) DBMS 2 Week Dec 2008
National Work Shop (DB2-Mumbai) DBMS 1 Week June 2010
3 Mrs. Deshpande S. N. Workshop Thadomal Bandra DSF 2 days Sep-2008
National VJTI Mumbai DMDW 1 Week Jan 2009
National Terna Engg. Navi Mumbai OOSE 1 Week Jan 2010
STTP IIT(VJTI) Effective Teaching C- Programming 10 days June 2010
Workshop IBM (Bharti Vidhyapith) IBM-DB2 3 days June 2010
STTP IIT (K.J. Somiya) DBMS 10 days Dec 2010
Workshop SIGCOE IBM, RSA 3 days Aug 2010
Workshop Wipro, LTCOE Mission 10X 5 days Aug 2011
STTP Wipro, LTCOE Advance Mission 10 X 2 days Dec 2011
4 Mr. Desai Sachin National Mumbai University Wi-Fi Security 1 day
Orientation Terna Engg college ACN 1 day
Orientation Terna Engg college MC 1 day
Workshop BVCOE (Navi Mumbai) IBM, DB2 3 day
Workshop SIGCOE IBM, RSA 3 day
Workshop Xaviers  Engg. NS2, J2ME 2 day
5 Ms.Sakharwade Smita Workshop Thadomal Bandra DSF 2 days
Workshop IBM (Bharti Vidhyapith) IBM-DB2 3 days
Workshop SIGCOE IBM, RSA 3 days
STTP IIT B, VJTI Teaching /Learning c Programming 10 days
6 Mr. Kuchiwale Satish Workshop IBM (Bharti Vidhyapith) DB2 3 days
Workshop SIGCOE IBM, RSA 3 days
Workshop Wipro, LTCOE Mission 10X 5 days
STTP Wipro, LTCOE Advance Mission 10 X 2 days
On 26th sept’07 students of Computer Engineering department at S.I.G.C.O.E. formed a club, IGNIUM.. The main aim of this club is to create awareness, provide help and guidance to students in their academics & latest technologies in software and hardware. To initiate the activities of IGNIUM a one day seminar on .NET was organized. Chief Guest : Dr. K. G. NARAYANKHEDKAR (Director of V.J.T.I.)
Speakers: Padmashree Dr. P. V. S. RAO (Advisor Tata Infotech Ltd.) Prof. S. BISWAS (Computer Science Department, IIT Mumbai) Ms. VAISHALI KASTURE (SEED Infotech, Vashi) spoke about .NET

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