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1. Industrial Visit of Final year students to 500kV HVDC Transmission Station, Padghe AUGUST WINTER,2016
2. Conduction of Mock Aptitute test FOR Second Year students SEPTEMBER WINTER,2016
3. Conduction of Mock Aptitute test FOR Third Year students SEPTEMBER WINTER,2016
4. Conduction of Group Discussion OCTOBER WINTER,2016
5. Alumni meet JANUARY WINTER,2017
6. Industrial Visit of Third year students to Benn Electricals. MARCH SUMMER,2017
7. Seminar on Industrial Automation technologies conducted by Precon Automation and Systems Private Ltd. FEBRUARY SUMMER,2017
8. Industrial Visit of Second year students to Dahanu Thermal Power station. MARCH SUMMER,2017
9. Talk on preparation for Civil Services MARCH SUMMER,2017
10 Mock Interview conducted by B.E. students March SUMMER,2017
11 Expert lecture on “A.C. Drives: Application in Traction” by Prof. Poornima Rao April SUMMER,2017

Electrical Engineering Student’s Association [EESA] is a body of Electrical Engineering department which is formed by the students and it is for the students. Within EESA, there are many activities and events which not only help the students technically but also try to bring about an overall development in student’s personality. EESA provides an ideal platform for all the students of Electrical Engineering to come together and participate and complete for various competitions which help the students to identify their weak zones and fine tune their skills. To add to it, seminars also are an integral part of EESA. The Seminar which was presented by HOD Mr.B.P.Saoji Sir on IEEE paper format on 14th March, 2014 was highly informative and deserves appreciation.

As a principal of Smt.Indira Gandhi College of Engineering, I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the work of EESA and all of its members and also would like to wish them all the very best for their future endeavors.


The Teacher – Student Methodology of sharing knowledge is an age-old concept. This is certainly a proven technique of imparting knowledge, but one must agree that its scope is limited in nature and for the very reason, interaction is a must, interaction amongst students is a massive way in which knowledge can not only be shared but also can be upgraded. EESA makes this interaction possible and we are really blessed to have EESA which acts as an ideal foil for all the students of Electrical department under one roof. At EESA, we have various technical and Non – Technical events like Technical paper – presentation, Aptitude Test, Seminar, Group – Discussion, Poster – Painting, Debate and so on. These competitions provide the students with an opportunity to showcase their talent and play a key role in their overall department.

I am glad that EESA is functioning well for two consecutive years now and to be honest, its journey hasn’t been easy since its inception way back in 2009.

At this moment, I am feeling proud about EESA as I write this for its first ever magazine.

I take this opportunity of wishing all my students good luck for all of their aspirations and dreams. We, at EESA, conducted a number of events for the academic year 2013-14.The main aim of these events was to make sure that ma-jority of the students participated and were provided with an ideal platform to showcase their talent and skills. The list of events that were con-ducted by EESA for the academic year 2013-14 are as follows:
Sep 5, 2013
Teacher’s day was celebrated with great Zeal and enthusiasm. The function was Inaugurated by respected HoDS ir.It was a day when students thanked all the teachers for their guidance and motivation.
OCT 1, 2013
The Technical aptitude test was Conducted for SE, TE and BE classes Independently. The test involved two Rounds. Students who cleared the first Round were eligible to appear for 2nd Round.
FEB 18, 2014
The event on Poster-Painting was Oganized within the department and Subject for the respective event was Electrical based. As many as forty Students participat-ed in the event and It turned out to be a huge success.
MAR 14, 2014
A seminar on ‘IEEE Paper Presentation’ Was delivered by respected HoD Sir. The seminar was highly infor-mative and It was aimed to teach the students on How to write and publish a paper for Various national and international Level conferences.
Staff Achievements
Name of Staff Paper Prepared Conferences Workshop STTP Training Progm.
Mr. B.P.Saoji 03 06 03 06 03 01 02
*Expert on MPSC Panel *University Exam Vigilance committee member *CAP coordinator for final yearexam, University of Muimbai *Member BOS (Elect/Instru/ Biomed) University of Mumbai *Life member of ISTE
Mrs.R.A.Pantar -- -- 01 -- -- -- 01
*Life member of ISTE
Mr.A.N.Gawande -- -- 02 -- 01 -- --
4 Mr.K.Venkatcharyulu 02 02 04 04 -- 02 01 --
5 Mrs. K.V. Naphade 02 -- 02 -- 01 02 -- -- *Life member of ISTE
6 Mrs. Casilda S. 01 -- 01 -- -- -- 01 01
7 Mr.M.K.Alam 02 01 01 -- 01 02 -- --
8 Mr.M.M.Ansari -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 01
9 Mrs. V.A. Kundu 01 -- 01 -- -- -- -- --
10 Mr. D.B.Patil -- -- 01 -- 01 01 01 01
11 Mrs. Monalisa Dash 01 01 01 -- 01 01 -- --
12 Mrs.Chhetal Chauhan 01 01 -- -- 01 -- -- --
13 Mrs.G.S. Jaisingpure 02 01 -- 01 -- -- -- --
Technical Activity
Activity Name Class
Technical PPT
Swathy Pillai Manali Lingayat BE II Saraswati Education society
2 Project competition (Maglev Generator) Vishal Rasal Rahul Bangar Sumit Godse Santosh Pawar Vishal Salunkhe TE II Saraswati Education society
Project competition (Maglev Generator)
Vishal Rasal Rahul Bangar Sumit Godse Santosh Pawar Vishal Salunkhe TE Participated (State Level) LTCOE
Medha Shah BE II S.I.G.C.E
Dhirendra Patil SE Participated S.I.E.S
Game Name Class
Chess Manali Lingayat BE I S.I.G.C.E
2 Badminton Swathy Pillai Megha Pillai BE II S.I.G.C.E
3 Carrom Medha Shah Sushant Phalkar BE I S.I.G.C.E
Prathamesh Hirve BE II S.I.G.C.E
Akash Lende Sumit Godse TE II S.I.G.C.E
4 Table Tennis Sharannya Nair Surbhi BE I S.I.G.C.E
Sharannya Nair BE II S.I.G.C.E
Sharannya Nair Sachin Gadade BE II S.I.G.C.E
5 Throw Ball Sharannya Nair Sheetal Rahane Rashmi Shivrame Prajakta Bodse Asma Sayeed Bhavna Bhatt BE II S.I.G.C.E
6 Cricket Swapnil Sawant Shripad Kulkarni Parad Patel Ashish Amburle Digvijay Kamthane Kunal Mhatre Akshay Temghare Piyush Barhate Niranjan Deodhar Tauseef Ansari Avdhut Mane BE II S.I.G.C.E
Sharannya Nair
Jashmin Shaikh
Swapnil Sawant
Pradnya Mali
Almelu Natesh
Tushar Rajput
Divesh Pal
Aditi Ajgaonkar
Praneet  Desai
Industrial Visits
Industrial Visit Location
Company Visited
1) Sesa Goa limited 2) Crompton Greaves
Reliance thermal power plant
1) S.B Groups 2) H.N.S Bus
Uran gas power plant
Kanha cable
Bhira tail race hydro power plant
Bangalore & Mysore
Aditya automobile spare part
Industrial Visit to CROMPTON GREAVES
Academic Year
College Rank
University Rank
B.E. I 32 Rohit Bhandare
II 43 Shubangi Waghmare 75.80
III 54 Malkani Rauf 75.26
T.E. I Sharannya Nair 79.00
II Swapnil Sawant 78.00
III Hirve Prathamesh 76.00
S.E. I Mali Pradnya 83.76
II Divekar Tushar 83.40
III Patre Swinzal 80.88
2011-2012 B.E. I Ambuja Muthuraj 77.06
II Sameer Sheik 74.60
III Singh Neelam 73.80
T.E. I Ballampalli Ram 70.88
II Rohit Bhandare 70.76
III Cherian Hebin Roy 70.35
S.E. I Jasmin Sheik 78.00
II Swapnil Sawant 76.00
III Sharannya Nair 75.00
2010-2011 B.E. I Rehan Dhemre 76.80
II Vaibhav Gore 75.60
III Sowmiya Gopinathan 75.00
T.E. I Ambuja Muthuraj 73.88
II Singh Neelam 72.76
III Khapare Sameer 72.70
S.E. I Cherian Hebin Roy 72.35
II Ballampalli Ram 71.47
III Rohit Bhandare 69.00
Sandesh Matkar secured 3rd Rank in Mumbai University Examination 2008. Siddique Nafees secured 7th Rank in Mumbai University Examination 2008. Sandesh Matkar 3rd Rank Holder was Awarded, Degree and Medal at the Convocation of Mumbai University in 2008.  
A National level conference on “ROLL OF ADVANCED ELECTRONIC SYSTEM DESIGN IN INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION” was organized by Smt. Indira Gandhi College of Engg., Koper-Khairane, Navi Mumbai in coordination with ISA Maharashtra on 15th and 16th April, 2005. Around 70 faculty members and student from various Engg. Colleges and people from various industries attended the conference. Expert from Reliance Infocom, Anita Automation, IIT Mumbai, DTE Maharashtra gave their speeches regarding the Industrial Automation. ISA NATIONAL LEVEL SEMINAR
The seminar was inaugurated on 15th April 2005 by Honorable Chairman of Smt. Indira Gandhi College of Engg., Shri. V. M. Jadhav along with Dr. K. G. Narayankhedkar who highlighted the need of this conference in his speech. Dr. Sangeeta Vaidya, Officer in special duty for DTE introduced advanced technology in Industrial Automation with limitation of old technology. Dr. S. K. Narayankhedkar, Principal of S.I.G.C.O.E. explained new trend of automation with mechatronics. Mr. Vishwanathan Mahadevan introduced field bus technology using Fibre optics. Dr. Swaminathan, gave valuable hint on stress management to reduce the stress on human mind and body also gave the technique for improving memory power. Dr. Borse, Principal of A. C. Patil College of Engg. Kharghar introduced VLSI design techniques which leaded world to have smallest intelligent device like Mobile Phone, Laptop etc. Mr. P. V. Agarwal gave valuable lecture on speed control of digital drives (motors). Mr. Rajiv Shukla, Chairman of ISA Maharashtra region along with Mr. Nilesh from Anita Automation gave a demo on operation Industrial Control System SCADA software. As a part of this conference, there was paper presentation for faculty and students of various Engg. Colleges. More than 25 students presented paper in the conference regarding recent and future technologies in industrial automation. The conferences conducted with a valedictory, function and vote thanks from coordinator Prof. B. P. Saoji.
A state level seminar on “Emerging Trends In Instrumentation and Power Systems” was organized by Smt. Indira Gandhi College of Engg., Koper-Khairane, Navi Mumbai in on 6th and 7th March, 2006. Dr. U. D. Bhosale, Principal of R.A.I.T. Nerul, explained techniques related to image compression and enhancement. Dr. V. S. Bandal from IIT gave information of new technologies in Industrial Power drives Control. Mr. V. R. Phadnis from Pharmachem Controls Pvt. Ltd. explained trend in industrial automation. Mr. Rajiv Shukla explained Programmable Logic Controller with configuration of Allen Bradly PLC. Dr. M.S. Agarwal from IIT had given valuable information on D.C. drives. Dr. Pankaj Siria explained Embedded systems with latest development in this field. Dr. T. S. Rathod from IIT gave valuable information related to measuring instruments and sensors.

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