Prof. Shrihari D. Gaikwad (HOD),
ME, PhD (Pursuing IIT Bombay)

started in 1993. The department is well established with  post-graduates & well experienced faculty members.

Prof. Shrihari D. Gaikwad, is the Head of the Instrumentation department.

He is post graduate in Electronics and Telecommunication with specialization in Instrumentation from Government College of Engineering Pune. Currently he is pursuing Ph.D. in Engineering from IIT (Bombay). He has 18 years experience in teaching. With his knowledge and vision department sets new goal and try to achieve it.

Departmental laboratories are spacious and adequately equipped. Labs are being upgraded continuously with latest state of art equipments. It organizes group Industrial visits for practical knowledge of students. Experts from industries are frequently invited to deliver seminars on topics on various subjects, to keep the students abreast with the latest developments in the industry. It sponsors the staff members for higher studies and Research work. It has started ISA STUDENT CHAPTER to avail the benefits of advanced course material and information to upgrade the students to current trends and technologies in industry.

About Instrumentation Course:

Instrumentation Engineering means the applications of measurement and control for Process equipments. Design of instruments and their applications are two inherent aspects in Instrumentation. Further, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Instrumentation systems are integral part of Instrumentation Engineering. Instrumentation Engineers are the lead persons for Automation and Control.

The competition due to globalization has resulted in better process control, optimum utilization of resources & higher level of automation in all industry sectors. The demand for automation is increasing day by day. To face these challenges, competent Instrumentation and control engineers are required. A highly interdisciplinary branch covers major aspects of Electronics, mechanical and electrical fundamentals.

Tools required for the automation e.g. DCS, PLC, SCADA, Sensors, Controllers are covered under the curriculum of Instrumentation Engineering. Instrumentation includes electronic, pneumatic, and hydraulic instrumentation systems as well will be studied. Computerized controls are used at a very large scale in process industries, refineries, petrochemical industries and many more. Biomedical Instrumentation is an important subject in instrumentation.

Career Opportunities:

Because of this specific type of background an Instrumentation Engineer can choose his/her career in a wide range of engineering areas including IT industries, Petrochemical refineries, Fertilizer industry Chemical, Biomedical Equipments ,Embedded systems, Power Generation, Cement Industries, Automation Industries , Government PSUs etc.  Instrumentation Engineer can work as Automation software developer for systems like D.C.S, P.L.C, SCADA and Plant design software packages like InTools etc. He/She  may get to work as  Software professional for software's like MATLAB, LABVIEW  or JAVA etc.

Industries manufacturing  machines and equipment's employ engineers in design, production and testing. Educational Institutions and Research establishments recruit Instrumentation engineers as faculty and scientists.

Instrumentation engineering department of our college provides opportunity for  students to learn and fulfill industry demands by  providing best teaching and resources to students.

List of laboratory :

  • Process Control Lab
  • Process Instrumentation Lab
  • Digital Signal Processing  Lab
  • Embedded System Lab
  • Electronics and Instrumentation Lab
  • Transducers Lab
  • Biomedical and Analytical Instrumentation Lab
  • Research and Development Lab &  Project Lab

Department Advisory Board

Sr.No Name Designation Affiliation
1 Prof. S. D. Gaikwad Chairman HOD Instru
2 Mr. C. S. Limaye Member Director  Supertech pvt. Ltd
3 Mr. A. D. Telkikar Member Director, Prathit Auto. Tech . Pvt ltd
4 Mr. Kaustubh Gokhale Member Director Gajanan Enterprises
5 Mr. Sameer Adhikari Member Director Adhikari Pvt. Ltd
6 Dr. N. K. Rana Member Principal , THEEM College of  Engg.
7 Dr. M. D. Patil Member Professor , RAIT
8 Prof. N. B. Joshi Member Faculty , Instru SIGCE
9 Prof. S.P.Nimbalkar Member Faculty , Instru SIGCE
10 Mr. Harshal Katdare Member Student
11 Mr. Rupesh Yadav Member Student



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