Second Year Instrumentation Engineering Rev -2012
Semester III Semester IV
Applied Mathematics-III Applied Mathematics-IV
Electrical Network Analysis and Synthesis Feedback Control System
Analog Electronics Electrical Technology and Instruments
Digital Electronics Communication Systems
Transducers-I Transducers-II
Object oriented programming and methodology Application Software Practices


Third Year Instrumentation Engineering Rev -2012
Semester V Semester VI
Signals and Systems Process Instrumentation Systems
Applications of  Micro controller- I Power Electronics and Drives
Control System Components Digital Signal Processing
Control System Design Applications of Micro controller “II
Signal Conditioning Circuit Design Industrial Data Communication
Business Communication and Ethics Analytical Instrumentation


Final Year Instrumentation Engineering Rev -2012
Semester VII Semester VIII
Industrial Process Control Digital Control System Digital Control System
Biomedical Instrumentation Instrumentation Project Documentation and Execution
Advanced Control Systems Instrument and System Design
Process Automation  
Project-I Project-II.
1. Advanced Embedded Systems
2. Functional Safety
3. Process Modeling and Optimization
4. Image Processing
5. Wireless Communication
Elective II
1. Fiber Optic Instrumentation
2. Power Plant Instrumentation
3. Optimal  Control Theory
4. Nuclear Instrumentation
5. Nano Technology

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