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B.E,M.E,ph.D.in EXTC

Electronics and Telecommunication engineering [UG] course started in 1993. The department is well established and having well qualified and experienced staff members. Prof. B. U. Rindhe is the Head of the Department. He is post graduate and pursuing Ph.D in the field of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering with specialization in advance communication of 4G technology for Optical Networks. With his enriched 16 years of teaching experience and 1.4 Years of Industry experience the department has excelled and achieved many landmarks.

He has keen interest in research and development work in advance digital communication, Fiber Optic Communication and 4G wireless network. The department has 6 laboratories with adequate equipments. Department is joined with IEEE student chapter, IETE & ISTE from many years and has its own student forum IGTEL.

Every year we are organizing Industrial visits, Technical seminars and Technical festivals (Robotics, Paper presentation, LAN gaming, Hardware design etc.) to upgrade knowledge of students and staff members. Department is also motivating and sponsoring our staff members and students for attending workshops and seminars to various Institutes. Also department is sponsoring the staff members for higher studies and research work. Every year we are organizing farewell, alumni meet, sports and cultural functions. Students of our department are doing their project in house & various industries. Our students score very good RANK in Mumbai University exams and no. of students placed in MNC's. Also no. of students getting scholarships from various trusts. Department having very good co-ordination between students and staff members.
About Electronics and Telecommunication Course:

The students learn mainly about the characteristics and operation of various electronic components like diodes, transistor, BJT, FET, MoSFET, UJT, Op-Amp, thyristor, Various Digital and AnalogICs etc. Also they learn about PCB design and troubleshooting is various electronic systems like T.V, industrial Controllers, and Microprocessor etc.
They learn about the programming Assembly level languages in Microprocessor and Microcontrollers, which are in more demand due the compact embedded systems. They also learn about the technologies of the 21st century like Mobile Communication, Wireless Network, Satellite Communication, Computer Communication Network, Microwave Engg. etc. They also learn about the different antennas and the towers installation as well the fixed and wireless communication switching centers installation and their setup. They even study about Robotics and Industrial automation, Control and Measurement.
Career Opportunities

Electronics & Telecommunication graduates are employed in Electricity Boards/Utility companies and large industries as engineers and managers, responsible for installation, maintenance, operation of electronic equipments and systems like T.V, Mobile, and Satellite etc.

Industries manufacturing large electronic machines and equipments employ engineers in design, production and testing. Educational Institutions and Research establishments recruit electronics and telecommunication engineers as faculty and scientists.

The Electronics and telecommunication engineering degree program prepares the graduates to enter a dynamic and rapidly changing field with career opportunities in Telecommunication field in mobile operation, satellite communication, Integrated circuits, Robotics and Control. The demand for electronics engineers is increasing rapidly and there by they are in great demand to meet the requirements. Electronics and Telecommunication engineers are mainly employed in industries manufacturing electronic components, mobile and fixed telephone, internet and accessories, research and development department which work in energy saving devices and systems.


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